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So what is a domain name?

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A domain name can be thought of as a means of identifying yourself on the web. In many ways its like the internet equivalent of your post code or zip code. It allows someone anywhere in the world to type your domain name into their web browser and come straight to your company web site.

It can be "yourcompanyname.com" or one of several others including "yourcompanyname.co.uk".

The .com extension normally shows you to be an American company or a company that is based worldwide, and is referred to as a top level domain.

If you want to appear local, i.e based in a specific country, or if someone already has the .com extension then you can go for various other extensions including .co.uk, .firm, .org, .net and .plc.uk, among many others.

So why do I need one?

The whole point of being on the web is to attract and sell to your customers. If a potential customer wants to find you they will, quite naturally, search for you using your company name and what's more will usually try the top level .com extension.

Of course, if your company name is similar or the same as your domain name the potential customer will have a much better chance of finding you.

Take Microsoft, they have the domain name Microsoft.com for a very good reason. As soon as you type in Microsoft in the search engines it is virtually guaranteed to be the one at the top of the list.

If you think of the how your own company name becomes associated with the work you do, so your domain name in time will do the same. The marketing potential however is enormous on the web and it is essential that some thought goes into the name that you choose.

Once you have chosen your domain name you will need to register it and then either "Park it" (keep it handy for use later on) which we do for free, or have it hosted on a server somewhere so that people can find it when they search for you. We offer two hosting packages for this purpose, Standard and Premium.

These packages allow you to set up a comprehensive web site at "http://www.yourcompanyname.com" etc. with all the handy web features you need. All that's left then, is to start attracting customers to your site!

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