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Our Web Site Design Approach
Our way with web site designs to ensure YOUR web site design wins on the web.

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(To see some examples of our customers sites click here).

A typical design contract begins with an initial discussion with you the client to establish your major goals and to determine the scope of the project.

Firstly we find out what your business does.

Our design process begins with listening to you. You will normally have a good idea of what you want from your site including what sort of corporate image you are trying to portray. We take account of the type of business you run and we carefully design from the ground up to build your unique message.

Then we find out what you want from your site.

We start with careful planning, an in-depth consultation and a frank exchange of views to ensure that your vision is built into the site from the very start.

We prefer to exchange information via email as this is the best medium for web based business and is something you need to get used to if you are serious about using the Internet to sell.

We also make use of fax and phone communications but prefer to keep these to a minimum as most information needs to come to us electronically to keep costs to a minimum.

As we progress with the design the dialogue continues. We actively encourage feedback, which we regard as a fundamental part of the process.

We urge our clients to check in on our design progress and visit the on-line construction site as often as they like so that we can receive feedback on the design as it progresses.

The end result is a unique interactive web site which promotes your vision of your company image. Visitors to your company web site will see an instantly recognisable world-wide window on your products and services.

Most importantly, you end up with a web site that "works the way you want it".

What about a contract?

With all site designs we agree a contract with the customer that specifies what is required from both of us, so that there are no misunderstandings as to who should be responsible for what. For instance we may agree that all information to be sent to us comes by digital means (via email for example), and we will make this clear in the contract.

The basic form of the contract is quite simple and can be tailored to each customer.

What about costs?

If you choose one of our standard packages then the price and the basic content for the type of site is as shown. For those of you who do not require several pages, i.e. where even the bronze package is more than you need, we may be able to offer you a one page site. We call this a brochure page. Prices for these vary so e-mail us your requirement.

If you require something a little different or a large corporate site then we approach it as follows. (Of course we still tend to follow the same principles when designing the smaller sites but we spend more time doing the groundwork on the larger sites).

We spend an extended period on the larger corporate sites in discussions with you to establish how the entire site will function. We also establish if there is a requirement for complex data manipulation, or for one of our e-commerce solutions. Having established this, plus how many pages are required (with their type of content) we can estimate the overall cost. We then draw up a contract, which details the customers and our responsibilities and a specification for the whole site.

In order to do this we will obviously need a complete set of your company information that is intended to form the main content on the proposed site. We will then use this, along with your ideas to get a feeling for the basis of the design. We then do a brief design outline for the home page to get your views and then modify it as necessary until you are happy.

Our intention is always to leave you happy with this home page outline so that you will ask us to design the whole site.

In general we require a small up front payment to cover the set up costs and to ensure you are serious about setting up a web site. This is of course refundable under the terms of our guarantee.

What happens then?

Once we agree upon the terms of the contract and receive the initial payment we can begin work on the project. Unless you have special needs we will construct the site at a location on our server known only to ourselves and you.

Once you approve the final form of the design and provide payment in full we upload the site to the server or provide it to you on digital media.

At that point the site is entirely in your hands. Of course, if you enjoyed our service and wish us to maintain the site for you we would love to do so. We can perform your routine maintenance and keep it up to date and topical with your latest information. We will be more than happy to cost out a regular service plan based on our normal hourly rates.

At this point if you have any further queries please email us or fill in a simple enquiry form with your question and we will endeavour to answer you within 24 hours.

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