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The 5 Pillar Program

What's Best In A Web Site?

Start by asking yourself "What does our average customer want?"
In our opinion (and those of the design Guru's) today's Internet surfer (your Customer) wants
information and he wants it now! Period. Nothing else matters.

A good web site must be fast to load, easy to navigate round and efficient at leading them to the information they want. It must also provide a variety of quick and easy means to order the product or encourage them to contact you for more information.

It must communicate quickly and effectively with your target audience to justify its existence. You need to take special care to ensure every aspect of your web site is accessible to the broadest possible web audience. Your web site design needs to be carefully coded to try and ensure a broad range of browsers will display the pages in the same way.

"I need animations Java and Shockwave, Right"?

With all the hype recently about Java and other plug-in features such as Shockwave you may think it essential that your site is equipped with all the latest gadgets. Not necessarily. Many computer users out there do not have the latest browsers, or the latest plug ins and some are still limited to, or choose to view, in text only mode. (Try turning off pictures in your browser and see how many sites you can navigate round).

Many will not be prepared to wait whole Java applets and Shockwave animations download. What's more, many viewers will not have the latest plug-ins or Java equipped browsers and will see an ugly blank space.

Speed is King!

Nowadays if your home page does not load in under 15 seconds you will loose a large proportion of your potential clients. With the current bandwidth limitations on most users every piece of data on your site must work to convey your ideas as effectively as possible. Your web site hinges on maximum speed, impact, legibility and ease of use. We will colour-optimise your graphics, design your code for ease of update and above all keep it short and simple, (KISS) so that it loads fast.

How do my customers find me?

There are many ways to ensure your customers will find you. If you have a large marketing budget you can send out flyers and brochures to your new and existing clients boldly showing your new web address.

A far more cost effective method is to design the site (from the start) so that it will register high up on the top search engines for your key products or service.

To explain all of the techniques required to "perfect a website" for this purpose would need a very good book, time to read it, and then more time to employ what you have learned. If you choose to have a site designed by Web Wyzard we can eliminate all your book learning worries and also advise you on your marketing into the bargain. It's up to you!

Did I mention a very good book? So I did! Perhaps the best book I have ever come across that deals with designing a web site and selling on the web. It deals with all levels of expertise and it is so good that I don't mind you leaving my site to look at it. However, buy it at your peril, you'll never be able to look at web sites the same way again!

Note: I support this book as it is a great product and at a price you will not believe. It may also encourage you to join an exclusive club which is dedicated to providing excellent web based products at an astonishing price. It's called the 5 Pillar Club and it can be viewed along with the book by clicking the link above or below.


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