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"How do I get my own web site?"

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Our advice on good design

As a business owner you may have
come to the conclusion that your
business needs a web site.

So what do you do next?

You take the "3 steps"

Step 1

Reserve (or "register") a domain name. This is an Internet post code or ZIP code and allows people to find you. It could be "yourcompanyname.com" or "yourcompanyname.co.uk", among many others. The names are unique and are being registered at an incredible rate. (One every three seconds, in the UK at present).

Make sure that you get yours before doing anything else! If you discover that someone already has the name you want, try a variation or add a hyphen "-", try being creative!

To register a domain name click on the "Domain Names" button at the top of the page, or proceed to ....

Step 2

Contract a web site designer to build you an effective web site. The most important thing is that you end up with a web site that works the way you want it. The site needs to be fast to download and easy to navigate. A site which does not deliver on either requirement will not be effective.

An important part of the package should be designing the site to be easily found on the search engines. If your customers can't find you they are buying from someone else.

There are literally millions of website designs but most of them do not deliver. Choose with care! We offer a full guarantee with our web sites, if you're not satisfied we'll keep on changing things until you are.

To investigate buying yourself a website click on the "Design" button at the top of the page. If you fancy doing it yourself using a very good book click here, otherwise proceed to ....

Step 3

Choose a powerful and affordable web hosting package. This is a site on the Internet that stores your web pages. When someone wishes to see your web page the web hosting computer sends them a copy over the Internet to view on their computer.

You do need a hosting package for your web site, you can not do without one. A website without a hosting package is like having a brochure but keeping it in a locked drawer.

There are many different hosting packages, and some are good value! Many are not. Most web sites need only a few basic features to get up and running. However do not limit your site from expansion by buying a package without all the bells and whistles. We offer a range of hosting packages to suit different budgets, they have everything you will need. All is included in the price.

To choose yourself a web hosting package click on the "Hosting" button at the top of the page, or review things below ....



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Web hosting

Register a domain name for your business.

You can search for a name using our free WHOIS facility and then register it on line using our secure server.

You can take advantage of our special offer on UK domain names right now.

You have a choice of design packages which have been tailored to suit your differing budget requirements.

Select one that you think is right for you. You can change your mind later if you like.

Your domain name or website can be hosted here with one of the most powerful and affordable packages on the Internet.

Check out any other hosting service and you will discover that you can not do better.

Our money back guarantee will give you peace of mind.

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